Updating Chamilo

If you already have a Chamilo installation (any previous version) and a new version has been released, we strongly suggest you update yours to benefit from new features and fixes, but more importantly from the security patches that might be fixing flaws detected in previous versions12.

Before updating Chamilo, bear in mind that any software update, considering the great number of contexts in which it can run, can generate new bugs or regressions. As such, it is highly recommended you take a full backup of your complete system (Chamilo folder and databases).

As an admin, you can enable the version update notification from the Administration tab, Chamilo block.

Illustration 12: Administration – Chamilo block

Just click on the Enable version check button once to enable the feature.

Illustration 13: Administration – Version check block (up to date)

Whenever a new version is published, a notification of availability will appear in the interface.

Illustration 14: Administration - Version check block (outdated)

Note that this feature at the same time sends us some statistical information about your portal: the public e-mail address of its support team, its public portal URL, its number of users and courses. This way, we can easily count how many people are using Chamilo around the world.

12. Check http://support.chamilo.org/projects/chamilo-18/wiki/Security_issues frequently if you are paranoïd

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