Survey publication

If you are satisfied with the survey, you just need to publish it (make sure you don't contradict yourself with the start date, sending the invitation by e-mail for a survey which is not yet available!)

Click the Publish icon . Select the course users to send the survey invitation to:

Illustration 157: Surveys – Publication: select course members

In addition/alternatively, send invitations using the same form directly by e-mail (separate email addresses using semi-colons). Invitations can be sent to people who are not registered users on the platform (e.g. you may wish to send the invitation to potential customers, or to parents of learners):

Illustration 158: Surveys – Publication: email additional recipients

Once you have completed the fields, remember to click the Publish survey button.

Note: you can also invite anonymous individuals without requiring an email address (e.g. visitors to a web page) using the Generate access link icon in the survey listings.

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