Document history

This document is the fruit of the collaboration of several organisations and individuals. In order to keep a trace of the successive participations of these people an ensure the lasting of their contribution, we keep a complete record here. If you improve this document in any way, please add your name below and send the updated version (together with a list of changes) to Thank you!

Date Contributor Contact Updates
2010, Anaël Boulier Rédaction de base du manuel pour Chamilo 1.8.7
Avril 2011 BeezNest Belgium SPRL, Yannick Warnier Mise à jour pour 1.8.8, correctifs, mise en page, ajouts de détails
Juillet 2011 BeezNest Belgium SPRL, Yannick Warnier Mise à jour pour, ajouts de sections multi-url, videoconf, styles, conversion ppt, classes, filières et promotions, copies de sessions, rôles d'utilisateurs, extension de profils, sous-langages, réécriture de l'introduction, listing des options
July 2011 BeezNest Belgium SPRL Translation to English. Missing illustrations and peer review.
March 2013 BeezNest Belgium SPRL Updated to Chamilo 1.9 and added new sections.

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