Last installation settings

Once Chamilo is installed, the success message also brings a short warning message

« Security hint: To protect your site, please change permissions on main/inc/conf/configuration.php and main/install/index.php (not their directories) to read-only (CHMOD 444). »

Illustration 11: Installation – Installation report

It is preferable, in fact, to remove the main/install/ directory completely (the confirmation text is not really accurate about this):

user@server:/var/www/chamilo$ sudo rm -rf main/install/

This will prevent anybody (except the root user) to see this directory, and thus to use it.

For the configuration.php file, 0444 are the appropriate permissions to assign:

user@server:/var/www/chamilo/$ cd main/inc/conf/

user@server:/var/www/chamilo/main/inc/conf$ sudo chmod 0444 configuration.php

When this operation is completed, using Chamilo can begin safely clicking on the Go to the newly created portal link.

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