Documentation for Chamilo LMS

Documentation for the Chamilo LMS e-learning platform project

This repository is organized in branches by version, by language and by role:

  • branch 1.9.x for all 1.9.x versions of Chamilo LMS

    • en/ for English (includes teacher, admin and developer docs)

    • fr/ for French (inclut la doc pour profs, admins et développeurs)

    • es/ for Spanish (incluye documentación para profes, admins y desarrolladores)

  • branch 1.10.x for all 1.10.x versions

    • en/ for English

    • fr/ for French

    • es/ for Spanish

  • branch 1.11.x for all 1.11.x versions (still in the works)

    • en/ for English

    • fr/ for French