Learning path export

To export a learning path, first go to the My courses tab (generally the 2nd tab from the left).

Illustration: Interface – Courses list

Here, you can see the courses of which you are the teacher (through the pencil icon). To continue, click on one of them then enter the Learning path tool.

Once in the learning paths list, click on the CD icon to generate a backup file.

Illustration: Interface – Learning paths export

At this stage, you only have to select where to save the file on your disk. The export is available as a .zip file.

Note this export is generated in the SCORM 1.2 standard format (which also defines it must be compressed as a .zip), that you might want then to re-use on another LMS, be it Chamilo or any other, as far as it is SCORM 1.2-compatible (which means more or less any other e-learning portal), but this format makes the edition complex, not to say impossible. As such, it is a non-modifiable backup, in most circumstances.

You can also export any learning path to PDF, although dynamic elements like audio, video and flash animations, will not be exported.

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