Chamilo configuration settings

These settings join several categories, shown in the following illustration.

Illustration: Administration – Portal settings categories

Chamilo offers a default configuration, which is not necessarily the one you would prefer. Even if all options are worth being explained, as an admin should know his environment perfectly, we're only going to see here the ones we consider the most important or more likely to be changed in comparison with the default settings. You can always find a complete list of settings in the Appendix on page 91.

Due to the number of settings now available to reconfigure your Chamilo portal, the Chamilo team built a nice and easy search feature. If you don't know where the option is, just search one related word and Chamilo will filter all the corresponding options for you!

The three links: Configuration settings, Plugins and Regions are actually direct links to different sections of the configuration settings, so they won't be explained separately.

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