Chamilo 1.11 - English

Create an attendance sheet

To get started, click the Create a new attendance list icon
Illustration: Attendances – New attendances form
Fill in the main title/description fields and tick if you wish to grade the attendances. If you do so you can select an assessment to link attendances to, write a column header for the report and add a
Illustration: Attendances – Intermediary step for dates creation
weighting to activities. Finally, click save and you will be prompted to add a time and date:
Selecting repeat date allows to you quickly generate a series dates and time for regular sessions e.g. weekly at 22.00 hrs. Click Save again to view a list of the dates chosen:
Illustration: Attendances calendar
These are fully editable (e.g. if one week is a holiday, delete) and, equally, you can add to the dates/times using the add a date and time icon
in the toolbar. You can also clear the entire list of dates and times using the clear the calendar of all lists icon
. To view the attendance sheet for the relevant activity click the A_ttendance sheet_ icon