Illustration: Assessments – Example teacher view

It allows you to prepare an overview report compiling learners' achievements in the course overall, drawing on the results of activities undertaken in virtually every part of the online course, but also including “external” activities undertaken in your classroom, outside of the online course.

The learner can use the assessments tool as a “grade-book” to monitor his own progress, and will see a simpler, personalized view when he clicks on the A__ssessments tool which will look something like this:

Illustration: Assessments – Example learner view

(Note: Before looking further into the assessments tool, make sure you have at least one learner subscribed to your course. (This is why we cleverly put the Users chapter before this one!). In this chapter, it will be much easier to follow the examples if you already have learners subscribed and a series of activities created. Don't forget – until you choose to allow it, the user will not be able to see the course anyway, as long as is configured as closed.)

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