Finding your way in Chamilo

Most pages are quickly accessible via the tabs at the top of the page:

Illustration: Chamilo header

The “tabs” provide access to the homepage, the courses list, your agenda, the reporting/tracking page, the social network and (if you are is lucky enough to be a portal administrator) to the dashboard and administration pages. The last tab shows the user's picture (so he can check he's not mistakenly using another user's account) and a drop-down menu lets the user go to his profile or log out at any time in just two clicks.

Browsing through a course offers the same kind of navigation elements you will find on any computer software. In Chamilo, the very important navigation bar is referred to as the breadcrumb navigation (in reference to a popular fairy tale, the Little Thumbling who saved the lives of his brothers by leaving a trail of stones, then breadcrumbs, in a dark forest so they could find their way home). This type of navigation allows the user to find its way back to his starting point.

The first “breadcrumb” link, on the left, displays the name of the course, and allows the user to return to the course homepage directly. The links to the right of this point directly to the elements of the course in which the user is currently located.

Illustration: Breadcrumb Navigation

Within a course, Learner view allows the teacher to view the course as a learner. The link then changes to Teacher view. Just click the new link to get back to the normal “teacher” view:

Illustration: Switch to student view

Illustration: Switch to teacher view

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