Importing: HotPotatoes, IMS/QTI2, Excel

As well as allowing teachers to create their own tests as described above in sections 12.2 to 12.6, Chamilo enables teachers to easily upload and include tests created in external tools, in particular tests created using Hot Potatoes, Qti2 and Microsoft Excel. These are popular authoring tools which can produce tests in a standard format suitable for use in many, LMSes, including Chamilo. Details of how to use these software packages are obviously outwit h the scope of this guide, but experienced online educators may well be familiar with one or all of them, and may have produced tests with them which they wish to upload to Chamilo.

To do so, the teacher need simply click on the relevant icon in the toolbar on the main Tests page and follow the dialogue box to locate and import the relevant file.

Illustration: Tests – import external tests from Tests page

Illustration: Tests - Import HotPotatoes, Qti2 and Excel tests

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