Importing a document

Illustration: Documents - Icons - Upload

The following screen appears:

Illustration: Documents – Documents upload

Click on the green area to explore the files on your disk and select one(s) to upload. Inside the pop-up window, click the confirmation button. The documents upload starts. If you send several files at the same time, you will see their upload progress, live, as in the following illustration.

Illustration: Documents – Documents upload in progress

Once the upload is finished, the following validation list appears.

Illustration: Documents – Document upload finished

The green ticks indicate that the documents have been sent to the course successfully. Click on the blue arrow icon pointing left to get back to the documents list.

Note : The tab labeled Send (Simple) allows you to use the traditional “dialogue window” procedure to upload. We called it Simple because users are generally more used to this one, though it's really a bit more complicated to use! Document indexing options can only be found in the Simple form (in case your administrator has enabled the search feature) as well as an option to unzip a complete file hierarchy.

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