Survey creation

Illustration: Surveys – Creation form

Complete the fields, giving your survey a Code, a Title, and a Subtitle (description). Optionally, you can set a start and end date so the survey is only available for a limited time. You can choose whether your survey will be anonymous (users' answers will not be identifiable) by checking the relevant box. Finally, write a survey introduction (this is a text that will appear just before the user starts the survey) and a Final thanks message (this will appear when the users finish the survey, to thank them and maybe inform them of when the results will be compiled and used).

In the Advanced settings, you can choose whether you want this survey to be considered an essential element of the Assessments (Gradebook)_s_tool , whether you want it to be attached to a parent survey (not documented in this guide yet), whether you want to have one question per page or whether you want to shuffle questions.

Remember to click the Create survey button.

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