Manage discussion threads

The day-to-day administration of topics (also referred to as “discussion threads”) is identical to that of categories or forums. You may, however, move a topic from one forum to another better suited,one.



Change the settings (name, message and advanced settings: see previous page) of the topic

Delete (after approval) the topic and all the messages it contained

Control the visibility of a topic

Lock / unlock a topic to forbid its modification (but its reading will still be authorized)

Move a topic to another forum

Ask to be sent a notification by e-mail when a new answer is added

Visualize the topic's participants and score their contributions if the topic has been marked as scored

Moving a topic from one forum to another has to be done through a drop-down list. Select within that list the destination forum, then click on the “Move Thread” button to proceed. The effect is immediate.

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