Recording attendances

Having set up your course sessions, you'll need to start recording your learners' attendances. You do this using the Attendances sheet, which you can access from the main Attendances page by clicking on the relevant listing. You'll see a list of learners' names in the first column, then one column for each attendance date. Generally, the default column enabled will be the first one that hasn't been modified yet.

Illustration: Attendances sheet

By default, the system assumes all learners are attending the course session, so only take note of missing learners, by unchecking the learner's box to mark his absence.

A learner missing more than 10% of the total number of sessions will be marked by an orange background. A learner missing more than 25% of the sessions will be marked by a red background. (These colourings are fixed parameters which cannot, at this point in time, be modified inside the platform.)

An attendance sheet can be included in the assessments tool as a marked resource, to count towards a students overall grades for the course.

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