User roles

User roles are a fundamental part in the users management of a Chamilo portal, and their deep understanding allows you to go further than a private use, into a complete academical management where every person has its place and responsibility.

For the common administrator, it will seem there are only four roles in Chamilo: the ones which appear directly in the users creation form in the administration section. However, some roles actually offer sub-roles, of which one can only gain knowledge after a deeper use of the platform.

In order to guide you in the discovery of these roles, we will use the following schema as a reference, as it represents most of the roles and also the notion of sessions (as we will see it in chapter Chapter 7. Sessions management on page 64).

Illustration: Roles and sessions

In this schema, we can see the main administrator (on top), the sessions administrator (on the right), the session coach (on top of the session block), the courses coaches (on top of the courses), the teacher (on the left of a course), the students (connected to the session) and the human resources manager (connected to the students).

Let's review these roles together, going from the less powerful up to the most powerful.

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