This tool allows you to add extensions to the profile of all users. Each field created through this tool gives you a series of options:

  • Visibility allows you to decide whether the field must appear on the extended profile page of the user (so that he can see – and maybe update - it himself)

  • Modifiable lets you decide if the field can be updated by the user himself, or if the admin will assign a specific value for this field for all users

  • Filter allows you to decide whether the field can be used as a filter and if it can be exported through exercises results exports

  • Order allows you to define an order of appearance of those fields, both in the application screens and in the CSV/XLS/XML exports. Note that not setting the field order can bring title vs value consistency issues in user exports.

Usually, you can create fields of which the user has no knowledge but which are useful administratively to organise or synchronise the system with other systems (common unique identifier, for example). Other fields are submitted to the user, like his date of birth, country, mother tongue, etc., which will later allow you to generate better statistics depending on the age, culture, previous knowledges, etc.

For users familiar with Drupal, this is equivalent to a mini CCK module for Chamilo.

Illustration: Administration – User profile fields list


Update/Delete field

Make modifiable / non modifiable or enable/disable filter

Organise the fields

Show/hide a field to the user

Tableau 2: Administration – Profile fields management icons

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