Chamilo 1.11 - English

Common interface elements

Because we know that common conventions make things easier for everybody to remember and manipulate, we use a set of common visual symbols throughout Chamilo. These symbols might stand alone representing an action, or be coupled with another symbol representing the object of the action.
Below are listed some of the most commonly used symbols on the platform:
The pencil tool allows the updating of a specific piece of information or content
The cross tool allows for the deletion of a specific piece of information or content
The eye tool allows you to change the visibility of a piece of information/ content
The yellow star marker on any icon symbolizes the creation of a new resource
A blue arrow pointing left generally means go back (like the back button in your browser).
A blue arrow pointing right generally means move an item from its current place to another.
A blue arrow pointing down generally means download some file or data.
A blue arrow pointing upwards generally means upload some file or data.