Who is this guide for?

This guide has been written with educators in mind: the many teachers, tutors, trainers, instructors and others involved in education who find themselves faced (through choice or necessity) with responsibility for managing an e-learning course.

Entering the world of e-learning can present a complex, even daunting, challenge, but we believe Chamilo LMS in itself provides a welcome solution for newcomers. Learning how to use Chamilo will take you a long way along the road to mastering many key aspects of e-learning.

If you are already an educator with experience in e-learning, you should find this guide a useful, detailed explanation of the workings of Chamilo, and will be able to use it to further your skills in using e-learning tools to develop your courses.

Chamilo has two key aims:

  1. to support the teacher in better responding to their students’ needs, and

  2. to make it so easy to build and edit high quality digital learning materials that the teacher can not only create but be inspired to develop and continuously improve their courses' content.

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