Add Learning Objects and Activities

As you build your learning path/course, you have the option to include existing learning objects or activities or to create your own using Chamilo.

Illustration: Adding a learning object or activity to a course

Create a new document

This option allows you to generate a document which will be automatically added to the learning path and saved in .html format in the learning path documents.

In essence, it is possible to use the rich text editor to edit styles, add images, videos, etc. You can toggle between html and the WYSIWYG editor to produce whatever content you wish. In other words, Chamilo provides you with a complete learning path creation tool.

Illustration: Learning paths – Rich media creation tool

Use existing resources

You can use any document you have previously imported or created in the documents tool of the course (e.g. a SCORM course, .html pages, videos, images, etc. - see_Authoring content in Chamilo__)._

Links, tests, assignments and forums can be created prior to building the learning path in the Authoring or Interaction sections on your course's homepage, and then added from these sections into your learning path via the relevant tab on the learning path page. (Alternatively, they can be created directly from within the tabs themselves as you build the learning path:)

Illustration: Learning paths – Importing existing resources

Add a new section

Illustration: Learning paths – New sections

Display the learning path

Display the results of the learning path you just built:

Illustration: Learning paths – Learner's view

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