• Administrator : The “master” user who controls and manages the Chamilo portal globally.

  • Course administrator : See teacher

  • Student : See learner

  • Course assistant : a learner with additional rights limited to a specific course: he can track other learners' results, check their assignments and their test results

  • Coach : ateacher of a course in the context of a Session

  • Course : a course area, or course space, with its 20-odd tools

  • Learner : A user who has the right, within a course, to access resources as the teacher prepared them

  • Trainer : See teacher

  • Training : See course. In versions 1.8.5 to 1.8.8 of Chamilo, the term Training replaced the term Course, resulting in an awful lot of confusion, not only in English, but also in other languages which depended on English for translations. The term can be of course be redefined on each portal depending on needs through the portal administration interface, but Course is the term used globally now.

  • Teacher : The user who creates and/or controls a course (outwit h the Session context)

  • Tutor : See Coach

  • User : Any user who has an access to your Chamilo portal, regardless of his role

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