Chamilo 1.11 - English

Empty this course

The Empty this course feature
empties (“recycles”) either the whole course or selected elements. It deletes documents, forums, links, etc. This procedure can be executed after a course has ended and when you want to start anew in the same space. Of course, it is generally recommended that you keep a history of these courses.
Warning: Before you empty the course, make sure you take a backup copy, just in case!
To empty a course:
  • click on the Empty this course link,
  • select whether you want to empty the whole course or just specific tools,
  • click the Empty this course button to proceed.
Illustration: Maintenance – Empty course

Delete the course area

Click the Delete the course area _
_link to delete the course completely from the server.
Given the fact there's no way back from this, we highly recommend you consider this twice before confirming it.
Warning: This feature should be used with extreme caution!
Illustration: Maintenance – Course deleting