Portal language gives you a link to the languages management screen. See below for more details.

Allow definition and use of sub-languages makes possible the definition of variations for each language term used in the platform interface, as a language based on an existing language. This option can then be found in the languages list (follow the Chamilo Platform Languages).

This tool (available when clicking on the languages link) allows you to define which languages are visible by the users during their subscription to the platform or during the course creation process.

Illustration: Administration – Languages management

When enabling the sub-languages feature, this tool also allows you to redefine certain terms of the portal interface. For this, enable the option in the languages configuration page, then open the languages list page. You will find an additional icon which allows you to add a sub-language to any existing language.

Illustration: Administration – Sub-language creation icon

The definition of a sub-language is quite easy: you just indicate the name of the sub-language, its ISO code (2 letters, like “fr”, “en”, “es”) and its English name (the name the directory will take – which cannot be the same as an existing language).

Let's say you want to redefine the terms of the interface because you work in the medical sector and that the English terms proposed are not satisfying to you (note that it is much more practical to define this sub-language before new courses are created). For example, you thing the term Reporting should really be called Evaluation... Here is how it's done:

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