Extending the icons set

Since version 1.9, Chamilo includes a little-known feature by which custom icons, placed inside your CSS theme, can replace the pre-defined icons of Chamilo.

This, however, only works for icons that are normally loaded from the main/img/icons/ directory. Not the ones at the root of main/img/.

To replace icons, you will have to create, inside your own CSS theme folder (for example app/Resources/public/css/themes/chamili/) a subfolder called “icons/”, inside which the structure of the normal main/img/icons/ folder is reproduced.

For example, if you want to replace the edit_profile.png icon on the left menu, normally located in

  • main/img/icons/22/edit_profile.png

you would have to create

  • app/Resources/public/css/themes/chamili/icons/22/edit_profile.png

This is a short example of what type of style change you could generate just by creating a new folder in your CSS.

Remember that the new icons should have the same size as the previous one. This was not done in the above example, which is why the Inbox and Compose icons are a bit trimmed on the right side. Alternatively, you could also update the stylesheet to ensure the trimming does not happen, but this is likely to take a considerable amount of time.

Remember that, to “flush” your style change, you either have to upload a new CSS folder in the ZIP format through the admin panel, OR to upload them directly to the server (in app/Resources/public/css/themes/[style]/). But if you do the latter, you will need to use the "Cache cleanup" option from the admin page, otherwise your style will remain into app/ and will not be “published” into web/css/ as it needs to.

The real use of this feature is to avoid you having to modify the main/img/ folder in any way, considering this gets overwritten with each new version of the software.

Using your own CSS folder ensures independence of the main Chamilo code.

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