Course administration

The My courses tab the teacher to see a list of the courses which they can manage. (These display a pencil icon on the right side of the course's box, as opposed to courses on which they are subscribed as learners).

You just need to click on the course name to access its homepage. The various tools are arranged in three categories:

  • Authoring : tools for creating course content,

  • Interaction : tools for teacher-learner or learner-learner interaction within the course,

  • Administration : tools for the management of course options.

Illustration: Course tools – Classical option

The teacher can choose to hide or show distinct tools using the eye icon under each tool, so that the course doesn't intimidate the new learner with too many options.

Note : In some cases the administrator may make tools unavailable to course teachers or enable tools which depend on specific extensions (like the full-text search or the video conference), so what you see entering the course might not be the same as described here.

Illustration: Authoring tools in big activity view type

Note : The course interface can be presented in different ways depending on what the administrator's chooses. He might, for example, enable a view that was popular in previous versions of Chamilo, as in this illustration. This view is called the 2-columns activity view.

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