Special exports

The special exports feature has been designed to help the academical inspector. It allows him to export all documents (and only documents) from all courses in one single (be it very heavy) operation. A second option allows him to choose the documents from the courses he wants.

Illustration: Administration – Special exports

There is no automated way to import those courses directly from the special export at the moment (it is more meant as a way to quickly export all your documents), but if you wanted to import them, one way to do so would be to:

  • open the downloaded zip file

  • open any course directory (courses are listed by their code, which also appears in the URL of the course in Chamilo 1.*)

  • build a zip file with the folders you want in that course folder (do not include the course folder itself)

  • go to a course on a Chamilo platform

  • enter the documents tool

  • click the "Upload" icon

  • select the simple file uploader tab

  • select the zip file and mark the option "Unzip" in the advanced parameters

This should restore all the course files in the same structure as the original course.

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