Linking certificates with learning paths

Finally, version 1.11 has introduced a nice feature allowing you to generate a certificate (and assign a skill, if any) to students at the end of a learning path.

To do this, you will need to configure an assessment based only on this learning path, and make sure it generates a certificate.

Go to the learning path, create one, develop all its contents, then use the last content type icon to create the final page, like this.

Illustration: Certificate to finish a learning path

There are many items on this page, so take your time to analyze all of them. The special certificate page will only ever appear as the last step of your learning path, out of any sub-folder.

It requires all steps of the learning path to be completed in order to appear.

Once this is configured, go to the assessment tool and make sure the whole assessment can only be obtained once the learning path is completed (it is possible to do otherwise but it might be a bit counter-productive).

When the student finished the learning path, he/she will automatically see a certificate and skill page. That is: the student will not have to go to the assessment page to generate the certificate anymore. Everything can be managed at the learning path level!

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