Learning paths

After exporting the learning paths, you might want to know how to import them back into another (or the same) Chamilo portal.

In the My courses tab, create an empty course matching the one which has to be imported (or re-use an existing course). Once in the course, click Learning paths.

In the learning paths tool, you have three options:

  • « Create new course » (1st icon),

  • « Import SCORM courses » (2nd icon),

  • « Chamilo Rapid » (3rd icon)

Illustration: Interface – Learning paths import

To import the learning path previously exported, click on Import SCORM course (2nd icon).

Illustration: Interface – SCORM learning paths import

The backup must obviously be compatible with SCORM and, something less obvious, SCORM 1.2, which is a particular version of SCORM. Chamilo does not fully support SCORM 2004, so you will probably have a valid learning path import, but it will not remain fully functional, most of the time. Your learning path package can also be AICC compatible, but that's another story.

Note the Authoring tool field is only an informational field and doesn't generate any behaviour modification.

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