Frequently asked questions

This list of short questions and answers might help you sort out how to do specific things with Chamilo which are not explicitly explained in the previous chapters.

How can I set a survey as a requirement to complete a course?

The notion of “completing a course” can only be built upon the Assessments tool, by setting up a certificate that will only be generated when achieving a certain set of learning objectives (exercises, learning paths, assignments, etc). Surveys can then be configured as a “locking” mechanism where a student cannot get a certificate if he doesn't complete the survey.

To do this, go to the survey tool and create your survey. In the Advanced settings, check the Qualify in gradebook box and select a weight of 50 (yes, 50, that's usually quite large).

Now go to the Assessments tool and click the percentage icon (Weight in report). Whatever the total weight has been set to, ensure that the survey is worth half of it (if the total weight is 100, the survey must weight 50, but you can also set the total weight to 200 and make the survey weigh 100). The other objectives, combined, will be worth half the weight. This means that, even if the learner has the best results, he will only ever be able to achieve a 50% score, which shouldn't be enough to get the certificate. Because the survey is just a yes/no type of result (answered or not answered), there is no other easy way to make the survey be a required element.

Once the learner has completed the survey, his results will jump up to the sufficient result to get his certificate.

Just make sure that the availability dates for your survey do not prevent completely a user getting his certificate, just because he can't take the validation survey.

How can I create a crosswords-type question?

In any exercise, create a new Fill the blanks type question. In the question editing box (online media editor), click the Table icon and choose how many rows and columns you want your crosswords to be. Now fill the crosswords with letters. Once you're done, select the letters you want users to find out and replace them with the same letter with brackets around it. These letters will now disappear from the student view and they'll be able to complete the table that way.

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