Fixing bugs

Your contribution fixing bugs is much appreciated.

To enable the right level of tracking of any bug, we first ask you to report it in the Github issues page and follow the contributions guide to report it.

If you can fix it, that is even more appreciated. To do that, the requested procedure is to:

  • clone the repository (in your Github account)

  • create a new branch in your repository (preferably with a name that matches the issue ID number)

  • develop your patch and write a few comments helping us understand it

  • send it to your branch

  • in your branch, submit the whole branch as a Pull Request with additional explanations (ideally, add a screenshot of the issue and its resolution to your Pull Request)

If you have followed these steps carefully, there's a big chance we will attend your Pull Request very quickly, and your name will remain as a contributor of Chamilo for the years to come! (through Github's history)

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