Add a session

To add a session:

  • go to administration,

  • course sessions → « Add a course session »,

  • give a name to the session,

  • assign a coach who will have permissions to enter and follow all courses and learners inside this session,

  • give a sessions category (optional),

  • define whether there is a time expiry limit,

  • give a few days of additional access for the coaches to the session,

  • define the visibility of a session once expired:

    • read only (can access resources but not pass exams, answer forums, etc. anymore),

    • accessible (can be accessed freely, through the sessions history link on the courses list),

    • not accessible,

  • Illustration: Administration – Session creation

    click on Next step.

The second step requires you to register courses to the session. Select one (or more) course(s) and click on the blue arrow button to add it (or remove it) then click on the Next step button to proceed.

Single registration allows you to not get lost within the courses that exist on the platform. You must write the start of the course title inside the search field and the corresponding courses will appear.

Illustration: Administration – Registering courses into a session

The last step allows you to subscribe learners to the session (other coaches can be assigned later, this is just a learners subscription at this point).

Choose the users and, like for the courses, add them with the blue arrow button.

Single registration allows you to search for one user (by firstname or lastname).

Enrolment by classes allows you to register learners to your session by classes. Classes are defined in the next sections of this chapter.

Illustration: Administration – Subscribing students to sessions

Because of the special behaviour of course tools when used through sessions, we have written a technical report about how these should behave in the context of a session on our technical wiki:

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