Classes are a group of users (in general students). These groups can be assigned courses or sessions, so that all group users are subscribed personally to these courses or sessions.

Similarly, when you unsubscribe the class from a course or a session, each of the class users will be unsubscribed individually from the course or session.

Note : before 1.8.8, there was already a concept of class (slightly different), which was mutually exclusive with the sessions tool. Since version 1.8.8, it is possible to use classes in combination with sessions.

The classes interface is pretty basic. The list of classes is empty the first time. To add a class, just click the starred icon.

Illustration: Administration - Classes – Empty list

The creation of a class requires only a name and an optional description.

You then come back to the list of classes to add users to them (through the users icon).

Illustration: Administration - Classes – Adding users

The users subscription screen is similar to other users subscription screen you've seen before.

Once the users have been added, you can subscribe the class to one or more courses, and to one or more sessions.

Illustration: Administration - Classes – Adding courses

Illustration: Administration - Classes – Adding sessions

Note that, as the sessions logic dictates, a class should never be subscribed to a course and to a session (which contains this course), otherwise you might end up confusing the student (and probably the teacher) with duplicated accesses in and out of a session.

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