Import users list

Whether you have exported a list of users or not, you might want to import users into the platform...

Chamilo allows you to import the users using the same format in which it exported them, obviously, but you can also download two example files by clicking on the link (blue link in the following screen-shot). If you'd like to import users from an external source, the CSV format is generally an easy option as you can generate them with a simple spreadsheet tool.


  • download the example CSV file,

  • open it with MS-Excel® and (or LibreOffice) Calc® as a CSV file

  • choose the semi-column as a fields separator

  • adjust your users list to the spreadsheet format to match the CSV example

  • save in CSV format

  • send it to the server using the form where you found the example files

To import a CSV/XML file, follow these steps:

Illustration: Administration – Users import

  • in Browse, search for the file,

  • choose the file format (CSV or XML),

  • choose whether to send a welcome mail to new users created through this import,

  • click on Import

Illustration: Administration – Users import report

The report message shows conflicts that might have occurred, and the list of users that might not have been imported.

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