Subscribe users

Illustration: Users – Action buttons

To subscribe several learners at once, check the relevant boxes on the left hand side, then select the Register option in the drop-down list headed Detail at the bottom of the table _(_a confirmation window appears to ensure you want to subscribe them: once confirmed, a confirmation list appears indicating which learners have been subscribed.)

Add teachers

Unsubscribe a user

You can unsubscribe users individually or as a group from a course.

To unsubscribe a group of users, check the relevant boxes on the left side of the table and select Unregister in the drop-down list headed Detail at the bottom of the table, then click Unregister.

Note : As a teacher you cannot remove the main teacher of a course (by default described in the listing as Trainer) from this screen. Only the platform administrator can do that.

Add/update a user's description

  • Complete/update the Description field to inform other users of the role played by this user;

  • Save changes.

The Assistant box (previously titled Tutor) allows the teacher to assign a special Course assistant role with its corresponding permissions. These permissions allow the assistant to view test and assignments results from other learners in the course, to help him assist the teacher in this role.

Search for a subscribed learner

If the teacher needs to find a specific learner in the list of users subscribed to the course, the search feature will allow him to find one or several users from all or part of his first name or last name.

Just fill in the search field with the relevant characters and click the Search button. A list of matching users will be displayed.

Export the list of subscribed users

Note: not all users details are exported through this feature (their passwords, for example, are confidential information not available to other users, not even to the teacher).

Display learners reporting

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