Give your learners a score

If you choose to score/grade a topic/discussion thread, you will first need to assign a maximum score to this thread. This needs to be done when the thread is created. Go to advanced settings in the create thread page and check the grade this thread box. An option to enter a maximum score will appear:

Illustration: Assigning a maximum score to a discussion thread

To score a student's contribution to a thread:

  • scroll down to see the list of learners,

  • on the new page, locate the list of all the contributions (messages) written by the learner scored as well as a statistical table based on these same contributions,

  • enter the score you want to assign the learner: with the help of the list of contributions, choose a qualitative evaluation for these contributions. The statistical table allows a quantitative evaluation of the contributions,

  • Click the Grade this thread button.

Illustration: Forum – Marking a thread

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