How to use this guide

This reference guide is designed to be progressively complex, only reaching mind-boggingly complex topics at the very end. It is assumed that the last chapters will only wake the interest of a few, but we're not worried about that. What is important to us is that YOU find the relevant information quickly. This is why you also have a general index at the end of the guide (at least in the ODT and PDF versions) that will allow you to find a term and quickly find on which page we used it.

If you have further questions about using Chamilo. you can visit the Chamilo forum (, where numerous other users, teachers, administrators and software developers will be happy to help you find the answers.

If you have technical questions on how to contribute to Chamilo, you can use our Slack channel. You need to get invited (there is no other way for you to get accepted), so please send an e-mail to ywarnier -at- chamilo dot org asking for an invite.

If you have more complex requirements, you might consider contacting one of our official providers (, a group of companies and institutions which offer professional services supporting Chamilo. The official providers have a record of tried and proven serious involvement in the project and are committed to sustaining its collaborative model. By hiring them, you already support the Chamilo project.

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