The xAPI plugin

The xAPI support was included in Chamilo since version 1.11.16 as a plugin and will be included in the core later.

Activating the plugin activates several features in Chamilo.

Connection to an External LRS

When an event happens in Chamilo that has been configured to send xAPI statement then the statement is being savec locally in the "xapi_shared_statement" table so that it does not take long to register, since sending to an LRS could take time so it is done asynchronously with a cron that calls plugin/xapi/cron/send_statements.php every hour for example. This script sends 100 statements each time it is called so you have to adapt the cron frequency depending on your platform usage.

From this moment, the xAPI statements of the selected events will be sent to the external LRS.

Chamilo as LRS

xAPI package import

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