To add a new career, click on the tricolour folders icon. The following page appears.

Illustration: Career creation form

Only the career name is mandatory. Add a new career (e.g. Medicine) and save. The list of careers appears with an entry for the career you just created.

Illustration: Careers list

This list highlights a double white page icon that allows you to copy a complete career and create a new one. The copy of a career also copies the whole underlying structure (promotions, sessions and courses) silently, which makes it a hugely powerful tool for administration.

To better understand the complete structure, including careers and promotions, let's try and represent them on the following schema (French labels should be easy to understand).

Illustration: Courses, sessions, promotions and careers

Of all the entities at play here, only periods (categories of sessions) and promotions add at the same level (they group sessions together under a specific concept). If you take periods out of the equation for a while, the schema is probably easier to understand.

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