A learning path in Chamilo is an organizational concept/tool which presents activities or learning objects from the course in an organized sequence to guide and support learning. It can be constructed in various ways appropriate to course content. At its simplest it constitutes a clear table of contents or, depending on the nature of the activities involved, it can provide the necessary agenda for the acquisition of a given area of knowledge, understanding or skill.

A learning path can be sequenced in a way which is suggestive (simply displaying sections one after another like a menu) or prescriptive (the learner is required to follow the sections in a given order). It is important to bear in mind that a learning path is more than just diced-up course content: it represents a pedagogical itinerary which might include tests, discussions, evaluations, experimentation etc. Structuring a path effectively to guide students through these learning experiences is a key factor in good course design.

Using the learning path tool, you can either import an existing AICC or SCORM course, create a new learning path within Chamilo or edit an existing learning path:

Illustration: The learning path tool:

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