Chamilo 1.11 - English

Who is this guide for?

This guide has been written with developers and e-learning implementors in mind: the many technical professionals involved in installing, fine-tuning or customizing a Chamilo LMS portal should find this manual a useful resource for any modification they want to undertake and that is not feasable through the web interface of Chamilo LMS.
In short, the people to which we are directing this manual are :
| Icon | Role | Description |
IT Managers
IT Managers (they will probably only need to « scan » this document to get an idea of the reliability and seriousness of Chamilo LMS)
Web designers
Web designers
Themers (web designers with some technical background)
Web developers
Web developers
System admins
System administrators
Not all sections are meant for all these people, so we havetried to mark sections with a specific coloured tag, as shown above, to mark the relevance of each chapter to these specific profiles.
Inside this guide, you will find a series of markers in the left colums for each chapter, so you can easily find if this is applicable to you.