How to use this guide.

This reference guide is designed to lead you smoothly through a clear learning path, introducing you first to the most commonly used tools, then guiding you progressively through more complex and/or seldom used features.

(The exception to this pattern is the description of the social network tool, which is explained separately at the end of the guide. We've placed it there to offer some light relief following the preceding three or four chapters, which are a little bit more challenging than the others! )

Following this, you'll find a description of alternative approaches to setting up Chamilo which you should find useful when organizing courses for your students, simplifying your tracking work and helping you easily identify and support “flagging” individuals while progressing with the course overall.

We recommend you take a quick look at the Glossary section. It will give you an overview of the terms used throughout this guide and hopefully help avoid confusion in some sections.

If you already have a teacher account in a Chamilo portal, you can move directly to the chapter which describes the Chamilo interface. If you are familiar with this, move on to the next chapter, which explains how to create a course. If you are already a course administrator (i.e. a teacher who has also created courses), you should go directly to the course tools chapter. For those who are familiar with the tools, much in this guide will already be familiar, though you may find it handy to explore updated features, such as the chapter on Social network.

This guide can also serve as a handy quick reference, thanks to the search feature at the top of the page.

If you have further questions about using Chamilo. you can visit the Chamilo forum(, where numerous other users, teachers, administrators and software developers will be happy to help you find the answers.

If you have more demanding requirements, you might consider hiring one of our official providers (, a group of companies and institutions which offer professional services supporting Chamilo. The official providers have a record of tried and proven serious involvement in the project and are committed to sustaining its collaborative model. By hiring them, you already support the Chamilo project.

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