Registering on the platform

As for any web platform, users wishing to access the platform contents must register with their user name and password. This is simply done by following the Sign up! link on the homepage, or by an administrator pre-registering all users. Once registered, one can simply connect using your username and password.

Illustration: "My courses" page

Once connected, the teacher has access to any courses on which (s)he is registered:

  • A list of courses to which the user is subscribed. A pencil will appear on the right of the courses boxes for which the current user is a teacher, allowing the teacher to directly go to the courses settings

  • A link to the Social Network tool (which we will analyze in the Social network section)

  • A (non-admin) teacher can create a course

  • Teachers and learners can subscribe to more existing courses through a “Course catalogue”

  • Teachers and learners have access to the history of their sessions through the “Courses history”. Sessions are a vast concept detailed in the Admin Guide.

Note : Although the help feature link has been replaced (since version 1.8.8) by a more dynamic, JavaScript-based box, it remains fully accessible to people with impaired vision, which might be navigating the platform through a text-based browser. Version 1.9 and upwards also offer a font resize feature for people with slightly impaired vision.

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