Chamilo 1.11 - English

Test results

Chamilo offers handy support for analyzing test results simply by clicking on the Results icon
, displayed to the right of each test listed in the main Tests page.
Illustration: Exercises - List
This will display a page listing all the results for the relevant test.
Illustration: Exercises – Results list
Here, the teacher can get an overview of learners' times and scores, and can score
or edit
open questions and offer feedback. He can also delete
a test attempt to allow the learner to do the test again (if there is a valid reason to do so e.g. there was an error in the test).
The menu bar of this page allows the teacher to navigate back
to the test , export test results in CSV or XLS format
(e.g. to sort them and generate graphical evaluation statistics), view statistics
about test questions undertaken or even monitor students taking the test “live”
to know how they are performing “during” the exam (particularly useful to monitored exam centers).