Students certificates management

Once students take the course and start getting higher scores that give them access to their certificate, you might have a few issues.

For example, certificates might get generated by students with a temporary score. Let’s take an example situation:

  • You have configured your assessment to generate a certificate when students get 80% or more

  • Your certificate template includes the score obtained by the student (on the certificate)

  • You have configured 10 activities with equal weights (10% each)

  • Your very good student Bilbo passes 9 of the 10 activities and already gets 85% (an almost perfect score)

  • Before taking the last activity, Bilbo wants to check his global results on the assessments page. He enters the tool.

Because Bilbo’s score is above 80%, he satisfies the conditions to get a certificate, so Chamilo generates his certificate. Because the template includes the score, the certificate indicates “85%”. However, Bilbo hasn’t taken the last activity yet.

If Bilbo gets 10/10 on the last activity, his final total score will be 95%. However, his generated was already generated saying “85%”. In this case, Bilbo has no other option than to turn to you (the teacher) to help him out.

And you can! To access the certificates management, click the certificates icon (the 5th icon in the action bar).

This leads you to the list of certificates, which shows all the certificates generated so far.

Illustration: Certificates management page

The page provides you with 5 options:

  • Generate certificates: Lets you generate all student certificates in one single click. This is particularly useful if you configure the assessments tool but you don’t give your students access to the tool. This way, you can generate all certificates yourself, based on each student’s score.

  • Delete all certificates: Allows you delete all the certificates of this assessment (usually, to re-generate those certificates after adding an activity to the overall evaluation, for example)

  • Export all certificates to PDF: Allows you to download, in one single PDF, the whole list of certificates. This requires two things: that all students finish all activities, so you don’t have to generate this another time later, and that your certificate template works well in PDF export.

  • Certificate: Gives you access to the certificate of this user, to check if everything is alright, mostly.

  • Delete: Allows you to delete one specific certificate. This option is particularly useful for the use case described at the beginning of this section.

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