Illustration: Administration – Plugins installation

Since version of Chamilo, the plugins systems has been improved and you can now create and enable plugins that will appear as new course tools. This is the case of a new plugin called BigBlueButton. This plugin, once enabled, will allow you to connect your Chamilo portal to a video-conference server. The installation of a video-conference server, however, is not included in Chamilo. You will have to install it by yourself or ask an official provider to do that for you.

Note : In order to avoid any strong dependency on our providers' services, we have selected a video-conference server particularly easy to install (30 minutes on a fast and appropriate server). Such server can, however, cause issues at another level: it is a costly service to maintain, as it requires constant care to be available at all times, watched over by dedicated staff. This is one of the reasons why we cannot include it in Chamilo: it would simply not stand up to the simplicity of Chamilo as a standalone platform.

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