Chamilo 1.11 - English
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Internal messaging

From the Social network tab (left menu) the Messages entry allows you to send or receive messages. It is similar to most messaging tools.
Illustration: Social network – Internal messaging - Inbox
To write a message to another user (or a friend) subscribed to the platform:
  • click the Messages link below your picture,
  • click the Compose message icon
  • Chamilo will auto-complete the send-to field with known contacts,
  • enter the subject and message (optionally you can add an attached file),
  • click the Send message button.
If the recipient has entered their email in their profile, the message will also go automatically go to their email address.
Note: If the other user has chosen to, the message will also be sent to his e-mail as a notification of internal message. However, he will have to enter the platform to answer you.