Chamilo LMS is a Learning Management System designed to support effective online education (often referred to as e-learning). It is “free” software which has been developed through the collaboration of various companies, organizations and individuals according to a model known as open-source, but with stricter ethical values.

This means that you are free to download and use Chamilo, provided you accept its license terms, (detailed under the GNU/GPLv3 license). As long as you undertake to maintain them, this confers four essential freedoms to you: the freedom to use, study, modify and distribute the software.

Right to use, study and modify, share and distribute the software

In addition to having been developed collaboratively by dozens of people across the world ; Chamilo is also supported by The Chamilo Association, a non-profit organization whose key objective is to support the platform and ensure its continuity. Such guarantees of continuing open access make Chamilo LMS unique as an e-learning system.

Please feel free to contribute to Chamilo too! You can do this by promoting its use, reporting errors, suggesting improvements, translating it (or its manuals) into your native language, or even developing extensions or fixes by yourself.

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