Chamilo 1.11 - English
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The Agenda tool
allows the teacher to manage a course calendar/diary which integrates with the personal Agenda tool available to each individual user. In Chamilo 1.9 the user interface of the tool is very different (and more up-to-date) than in previous versions, though the underlying functionality remains essentially the same. Each course has its own Agenda, while a “global” view (i.e. a view of events from all the courses to which the user is subscribed) is also available via the Personal Agenda tab. The Personal__Agenda tab displays course events in green, and also allows users to add “personal” events, displayed in blue, which will not appear in other users' agendas. A teacher can view and edit course and personal events, while learners will have the same view, but will only be able to edit their own personal events.
Illustration: Personal Agenda
Viewing and navigating the course Agenda and Personal Agenda is straightforward and intuitive. The user can choose a month, week or day view using the buttons on the top right of the page, move forward and backwards through the months/weeks/days using the left and right arrows, and return to “today”'s view using the button on the left. Details of each event can be viewed simply by hovering over or clicking on the event title in the calendar.