HTML Editor

Advanced file manager for WYSIWYG editor lets you choose between the simple & easy file manager and an extended & somewhat more complicated file manager. Change the options, go to any course introduction edition section, choose the icon to upload an image, click Browse server and see the difference.

Note: WYSIWYG is an abbreviation of What You See Is What You Get, another way to say the editor allows you to edit things visually on screen while it is saved in a more complex format without having to worry about it.

Mathematical editors: MimeTeX, ASCIImathML or ASCIISVG: these are 3 separate options that allow you to enable the edition of mathematical formulaes. Their support may vary depending on the users browsers. To try these out, just enable them and try to edit a course's introduction section.

WIRIS mathematical editor allows you to link Chamilo's editor with the WIRIS editor, a very complete but, sadly, proprietary software to enhance mathematical or scientific courses. Using this feature will require your organization to hire WIRIS services.

Spell check enables a spelling checker inside the editor. Make sure this is not a problem for the context of specific courses (for example in orthography courses).

Activate Google maps allows you to integrate Google Maps in your documents. This requires a Google Maps API, which you can obtain in your Google account.

Allow insertion of widgets allows the users to have access to the “HTML widget” icon in the editor, which lets them paste tags taken from other sites (Slideshare, YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

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