Whom is this guide meant for?

This guide has been written in particular with, in mind, the numerous Chamilo administrators and services providers who will have (by their own will or by necessity) to manage an e-learning platform. Entering the e-learning world is a complex process, but we believe we've got a nice solution for you. By explaining to you how to manage Chamilo, we'll actually send you on a very easy road to getting up and running with e-learning platforms.

If you are already a seasoned Chamilo administrator, this guide will also be useful to you as it delves deeply into every Chamilo administration feature, and will allow you to extend the way you use the tool to improve your services to the community.

Chamilo has two main goals : increasing the teacher's availability for his students in need, and improving the quality of course contents by making them so easy to create and update that you'll just love to come back to edit them to improve elements you didn't think about at first. The role of the administrator in this context is crucial, as it allows teachers to bypass their fears and have moral and technical support to make them build better courses.

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